FinCEN Update

March 13, 2024

Agricultural businesses have likely heard of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). The CTA contains new reporting requirements imposed by the United States Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) obligating small businesses to divulge all “beneficial owners” that have a 25% ownership interest or more...

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Attorney Marielle Hazen Talks Wills and Estates on WITF

October 19, 2023

Attorney Marielle Hazen of Hazen Law Group recently joined the hosts of WITF’s The Spark to discuss the basics of creating a will in Pennsylvania. The conversation began with the topic of Aretha Franklin’s handwritten will, discovered in a couch cushion after the singer’s...

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Selecting a Pennsylvania Nursing Home

December 1, 2022

Finding a nursing home for an aging loved one is complex, and family members face tremendous pressure to select the correct facility. While most nursing homes take pride in their facility and hire dedicated, caring staff members, that is not always the case. Thus,...

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Planning for Long-Term Care in Pennsylvania

November 29, 2022

Everyone hopes to be able to care for themselves well past their retirement; however, the need for long-term care is unpredictable. Based on the most recent estimates from the federal government, if you turn 65 today, there is an almost 70 percent chance you...

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Steps to Take If You Have Been Facing Memory Loss

October 28, 2022

Memory loss is frightening for the person experiencing it and for their family. It may not be too significant initially, but as time goes on, the memory loss becomes more pronounced, and other difficulties emerge. While dementia or early-stage Alzheimer’s may allow a person...

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Good Time For Asset Protection Planning Is Now

October 26, 2022

Hard work and savings are a point of pride for many Americans. A comfortable and well-earned retirement and twilight years is a fitting reward for one’s life’s work and financial responsibility. However, old age can present challenges that rapidly deplete even substantial savings. Consider...

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Message to valued clients, business associates and friends

March 17, 2020

At Hazen Law Group, the health and safety of our clients and business associates is our highest priority. Given the growing concerns surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we want to share with you the steps we are taking to protect you and our staff...

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