Estate PlanningOctober 19, 2023

Attorney Marielle Hazen Talks Wills and Estates on WITF

By: Hazen Law Group

Attorney Marielle Hazen of Hazen Law Group recently joined the hosts of WITF’s The Spark to discuss the basics of creating a will in Pennsylvania. The conversation began with the topic of Aretha Franklin’s handwritten will, discovered in a couch cushion after the singer’s 2018 death. Handwritten wills are risky and storing a will in couch cushions is even riskier. Ms. Hazen noted there are much better ways to protect one’s family and ensure one’s wishes are carried out. Ms. Hazen offered several options for creating a more effective will. Her recommendations include carefully outlining all the provisions of the will, ensuring it follows Pennsylvania law, coordinating asset titles and beneficiary designations, reviewing tax implications, and working with an experienced attorney like the team at the Hazen Law Group.

There is a path to a secure future for you & your family.